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Burgerous – When Taste Combined With Quality

Posted on: December 8, 2014

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Few weeks ago, we visited my brother cousin’s new restaurant at Greenville, Burgerous. We came at lunch time, during their soft-opening in November.

Burgerous, the name is very explicit, right, so I don’t think an explanation of the food variety is really required, but they do have various rice package as well, other than burger. Both are tempting. It happened to me.

Hungry, I lose my mind instantly that time and forgot to take any pictures – or any qualified pictures. Erm this is an excuse, I know. The problem is I am not a good photographer, I admit, so when I was able (finally) to take few pictures, the result was not really impressive.

All I could think that time is ordering a food as fast as I can, which makes my adrenaline jumping as usual, when dealing with new, interesting food. You feel like you want to grab everything, but the diet-part of myself whispering slowly to me, reminded me not to lose my control, which I regret so much, and I ended up ordering burger package only while my mouth cursing half part of myself. BURGER ONLY. I repeat, Where’s the interesting rice package? Where’s the other eye-catching side dishes? It’s gone. Because of noble intention and a diet madness that haunt me these few months. Which left me with no choice as always. Oh stop discussing, it hurts.

Back to Burgerous, after ordering (and paid It with 15 % discount as it’s soft opening as I mentioned), the food came not too long. It’s a within a yellow-white small box which can automatically open itself when you raise the top of the box. It’s kinda cute.


The burger itself comes in medium size, which I think can satisfied a woman but not a man (or a starving woman – like me). Oh and it has also a ‘B’ stamped right on the top of the bread, which is kinda cute again. If Superman can have its own ‘S’, why not with Burgerous? It’s kinda elegant and shows us some significant seriousness degree, in my opinion, which is good, of course.


Now, entering the taste part. I simply love it. I ordered Juicy Lucy, which is a very cute name. Oh this is the 3rd time I mentioned ‘cute’, which I don’t really care actually. As per its name, it’s juicy and melt in your mouth. And I love the sensation. I love the taste and how the ingredients mixed together perfectly. The meat, you will find it different from other commercial burger spread out in Jakarta. Seriously, if you’re a burger lover who wants to find something different from just ordinary burger sold easily out there, then try Burgerous. It talks about quality. If you are a ‘Man VS Food’ television program fans, I think Burgerous will match exactly to your category. Not in size-matter, but more to taste.


 20141123122413-1  20141123122433-1

The potatoes – is more to wedges, which I didn’t mind at all. It has a small, red ‘powder’ in its surface, which made the taste even more delightful. It has also dipping sauce, but I didn’t try it. I’m too focus to my lovely Juicy Lucy. The mashed potato (sold separately from burger package) comes in the form of ice cream cup, and it’s less creamy I think. I was hoping it’s more wet and creamy.

Move to the drink, they had some series of drink which you’re gonna like it, but do you understand how starving I was that time, and I even forgot (again) to remember the name? It’s Banana Colada, I’m quite sure. It tastes quite good, but a bit sweet and more feel like pineapple..

I heard from my sister as well, that Burgerous kitchen is sophisticated. She meant the tools, utensils, etc, which makes me more sure that it’s quality that they prioritize. What else can you expect from a new restaurant? It might be a bit expensive compared to other similar burger, but trust me it’s worth it. Burger lover would agree.

The place is simple-designed; 2 floors and upper floor has balcony which is great on night where you can have your burger together with Greenville nite view. Place indeed is not extremely comfy but who cares about it when you can get extra-ordinary burger?

Check to check their menu, gallery, schedule, and so on, not to mention their cool Instagram, with puzzles of small picture forms their logo perfectly.





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