Fanny Wiriaatmadja

Simply You

Posted on: July 8, 2013

It’s just a simply you..

A grumpy “My blackberry battery is getting drop again and again..”
And you bring to me the new one instantly.

A simple “I miss watching old Jurrasic Park..” from me
And the day after, you came with the disc
One that you put the hardest effort to get, from shop to shop

An adorable Iron Man I start to collect,
And you make yourself his number 1 fans as well,
Just to understand my idol-madness

A desperate yell, “I want those fried pork!!”
And you present it directly, right in front of me
And while I eat it, not even once you touch the food while starring at me with smile
All is dedicated for me, the piggy

When I say I’m unwell
In a minute, you were there outside, waiting for me, not to forget with my favorite porridge
Ready to pick me up to the doctor

When I was humming the song I kinda like
Song that you admit you hate it
Tomorrow I will hear it on the waiting call-tone on your cellphone
Also, in your ringtone.

And I start to think..
Why and how..
How could you stand for my selfishness,
And still become so sweet?
Why do you still have unlimited sweetest smile stock for me,
While all I can do is hurt you mostly?
Ignoring you and being rude to you..

Again your answer is that big, sincere smile
And even with the absence of words and explanation,
I can understand that it is the answer



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Memories in Picture - IG @fannywa8

Nasi liwet @dapuruniola πŸ‘
#celebration Early independence day celebration πŸ‘Š
#nasiliwet Minum Banana Strawberry in a rush. Glug, glug, glug, glug.. She's afraid I will take it back from her :)
#caffebene Surprisingly enak juga.
#instafood Gemeshhh 🀣🀣🀣
#kuncirtiga 😈
#resto How can I not love it? πŸ€—
#burem πŸ’—πŸ’—
#tampangaimeedatar Cobain @eisaltedegg. Lighter than Irvin or Golden Duck. Those who felt eneg makan Irvin or Golden Duck should try this one. Salted egg nya lebih ringan and cenderung ke sweet.
#review Headband for kids. Handmade. Supercute. Open for order. DM if interested
#headbandjakarta Look at my lip! @sascofficial is superb! Matte but super light and moist. Mine is Antoinette x @anazsiantar
#review Gendut time
#interior πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§
#buffet Indomie cake lagih
#food πŸ’—
#baby Nice ambience with vintage touch and industrial classic parisian design by @andreaszhusalon
#balayage Would really like to know what this product can deliver to my Aimee. I do love the cute packaging anyway and the label pronounciation sounds exotic.
#fishoil Tried this spicy salted egg chips, recommended by @imerudasan πŸ˜€
Enak dan memang bener bikin nagih but not the salted egg I expected. Perhaps the spices hide the salted egg flavor so it felt like an ordinary spicy chips
But again it's delocioso if you take aside the fact that it should be salted egg crisp.
#instafood Tried this one and not so impressed. It tasted sweet but plain, and the chillis somehow seems wrong and wasn't blended into the dumpling taste. People will call it "ga nyambung".
#instafood Stayed at home. Seeing, playing, laughing with Aimee the whole day. Little Baby Bum. Took a nap. Explored new food on IG. What a perfect day, lil' heaven on earth. I really wish I don't have to work.

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