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Casual Vacancy – J.K. Rowling

Posted on: December 28, 2012

Well, everybody in the world is getting amazed with what Rowling just’ve done : writing for adult..


I wait for the book quite long, before finally found the hard cover version in the bookstore rack and without any doubt, buying it..

Have read million times  about the book overview; the death of Barry Fairbrother. Pagford in shock. The intrigue and so many on.. Plus all the excellent review written, not to forget.. That, I think, might interrupt and mess up my expectation and became the only reason of why when I finished the book, I just said, “Oh.. finished.. finally.. OK..” and I have to conclude then that Harry Potter is still better, and the best..

I found that Rowling trying so hard to define in detail, each character of the book.. the rebel Krystal Wheedon, the cold Shirley Mason (OMG I even forget the family name! The book must be that unimpressive for me!), and others.. ** hey, I remember it suddenly.. Shirley Mollison, not Mason.. yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s Mollison..

Back to the ‘character’, Rowling shows all pyschological side of the character.. let us know obviously what they think, what they feel, in every situation. I just prefer the reader to have their own imagination about the character and not to being told exactly all person characters. It’s just too explicit.. Fat’s brain content is defined clearly by Rowling, justifying every action that he took..

Other part that related, is that I felt a lil’ bit boring, reading conversation that Rowling tried to build to define the situation well, but (imo) is useless.. I don’t even know what the purpose of the conversation. Not only conversation that she used, but also the clear description of what the figure is doing, what is in their mind at that time, etc.. I know it’s one of her strong point, but too much description will kill you, and again, what is the purpose?? It doesn’t build the story, all of that don’t always strengthen the plot.. so use it effectively, in a right portion, will be better..

Plus, (i don’t know whether it’s the translation problem or something), there’s so many informal words that makes the conversation seems so funny.. it’s different from Harry Potter side, as a children book, where it’s acceptable and funny instead.. but in this adult books, I found this a lil’ bit weird.. e.g. Krystal Weedon’s way of talk.. I know she’s a child, but still it’s annoying.. “kamu”, “gak”, and so on.. positively, it might happen because of the translation matters (hopefully)..

The intrigue happened then, I also found, is all about those kids, playing on their parents by using Barry Fairbrother ghost figure to reveal their deepest, dark secret, which I think is also less make sense.. Other not make sense part is about Samantha crazyness on the band singer.. come on!

The end of the book also (for me) didn’t bring any twist or surprise or any ‘solution’.. I really don’t get all of this..

It’s not that I’m saying that this is a bad book, really.. who am I to judge this brilliant writer with her masterpieces Harry Potter?? I enjoyed reading it, I can’t put this down as the curiousity to know the ending is getting up and up everytime I read chapter by chapter inside..

It’s just..

I don’t know..

It’s just Potter, who’s still shinning for me.. It might be me who’s not ready yet to accept Fairybrother.


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